Building a Just and Sustainable Food System for NYC!


Who We Are

Just Food empowers and supports community-led efforts to increase access to locally grown food, especially in underserved New York City neighborhoods. Just Food provides training and education to community members to help them launch projects like farmers' markets and CSAs, provide education in basic culinary and urban agriculture skills for their neighbors, and advocate to make their corner of New York City a healthier place to live and eat.

What We Do   

Since 1995, Just Food has pioneered sustainable food models, including CSAs, community-run farmers’ markets, and farm-to-food pantry programs. Just Food trains and builds lasting partnerships with community leaders and community based organizations to develop projects, such as CSAs, farmers markets, and other models, that create alternative ways to bring farm-fresh, locally grown food to their neighbors.

Our Programs

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in NYC
CSA supports regional family farmers and creates access to nutritious food for New Yorkers of all income levels. CSAs buy shares in a farmer's growing season and in return receive weekly neighborhood deliveries of fresh produce and other locally, sustainably grown products. Just Food trains groups to start and run CSA projects. Since 1996, we have helped to start over 100 CSA sites in NYC.

Urban Agriculture & Markets

The City Farms program provides services and support to community garden groups to start and run successful farmers’ markets, trains skilled gardeners to teach their communities to grow food, and coordinates free urban agriculture workshops in low-income communities.

Just Food helps food pantries make fresh, nutritious, locally-grown food available to families and individuals in need. This program also provides additional markets for our farmers and teaches cooking skills and nutrition information to food pantry staff and clients. This vital programming is made possible in part through a grant from the NYS Department of Health's Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program and a partnership with the United Way of NYC.

Food Education
The Community Food Education program inspires and empowers New Yorkers to create simple, delicious, and healthy meals for themselves and their families. Just Food trains community members from diverse backgrounds to become “Community Chefs.” Once trained, the Community Chefs present cooking demonstrations at farmers’ markets, community gardens, food pantries, and community events.

Just Food increases awareness and action around food and farm issues and advances policies for a thriving local food system. Because of our efforts, NYC residents have become more informed advocates for local, regional, and national farm issues through Just Food’s newsletters, workshops, conferences, and trainings.

Farm School NYC
Farm School NYC is a two-year educational program for adults that is dedicated to training new experts in the field of urban agriculture. As the school continues to grow, it will serve as a resource and support for NYC food growers, increasing urban food production and access, and encouraging cities to recognize and support urban agriculture.