Actions you can take

Learn more about GMOs and their impact on your health and the environment




Shop GMO-Free 

  • Know Your Farmer, Buy Local. If you really want to know how your food was grown, just ask. Shopping at a farmers’ market or being part of a CSA gives you the opportunity to talk to your farmer about their growing practices, including what kinds of seeds they use. 
  • Buy Organic. USDA Organic products cannot contain GMOs. Buy USDA certified organic products. 
  • Buy non-GMO verified products. Check out the Non GMO Project’s list of non-GMO verified products, or for information on the go, get the non-GMO shopping guide, available in a pocket guide or downloadable app.
  • Support Just Food. This year, Just Food’s programs are helping to bring local, fresh food to more than 160,000 New Yorkers and support the viability of more than 100 rural and urban farmers. Donate to Just Food today!

Advocate for GMO-Labeling 

Join Just Food and more than a million consumers who have signed on to the national Just Label It Campaign to tell the FDA that we have a right to know what’s in our food. 

You can also support state-based initiatives in your own state or in solidarity with concerned consumers other states. Currently, a large mobilization to label GMO ingredients is happening in California with the Proposition 37 Right to Know ballot initiative, which will be voted on in the November elections. Find out more or show your support: