Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jillian Rice Zrebiec


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Just Food Volunteer Jillian Rice Zrebiec (left), Executive Director Jackie Berger, Supporter Raffaella Pierson, and Chairman of the Board Melissa Kasper Shapiro (right) sharpen their cooking skills at Haven's Kitchen.

On Wednesday, October 2nd, Just Food will host its sixth annual Let Us Eat Local tasting benefit. Let Us Eat Local is Just Food’s biggest fundraiser, and much of its success has been due to the dedicated donors and volunteers who continue to show their support each year. For the past three years, Jillian Rice Zrebiec has been an enthusiastic member of Let Us Eat Local’s event committee. She first attended the benefit in 2009 with friend and Chairman of the Board, Melissa Kasper Shapiro. Melissa's long term commitment to the organization inspired Jillian to get involved in the event that following year.

“I love that Let Us Eat Local brings together delicious food from many of New York City's best restaurants AND I know that everything served will be local.  I can't think of a better combination,” Jillian says.

This year, she was able to secure one of Let Us Eat Local’s largest sponsorships. Private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice has generously given their support, thanks to Jillian’s efforts.

Jillian has been involved with several local CSAs in New York City for the past few years. “I care about good food and knowing where it comes from,” Jillian says of her involvement in CSA and Just Food. “It’s important that we support our local farmers.”

In addition to securing sponsorships, Jillian is an avid promoter of the event, encouraging friends to purchase tickets. She herself purchases a block of tickets each year and brings people she knows are interested in local food. As a result, Jillian has recruited others to attend Let Us Eat Local each year and some of them have also joined the event committee. 

Outside of her work on Let Us Eat Local, Jillian is also assisting Just Food with another important project. Having spent nearly a decade in publishing and working with digital products, she is helping to create an e-Book for Just Food’s Veggie Tip Sheet book, which will be available for sale starting this fall on Just Food’s website.

Throughout its history, dedicated volunteers and supporters like Jillian have been the key to Just Food’s ability to connect and support local farmers and New York City communities. Interested in finding out how you can get involved? Come to our monthly volunteer orientation meeting to find out. Click here to register for Just Food’s next orientation on September 25th.