Canning Workshop Details


Thanks for your interest in a canning demonstration! Just Food offers canning workshops through our City Farms program. The workshops are led by Just Food Trainers and last about 2 hours.  As a Just Food CSA Network benefit, we offer Network CSAs $25 off. Please see below for basic information about the workshops. Contact Qiana Mickie (qiana[at] with additional questions!

Topics Covered:

  • Basic water-bath canning procedure
  • Raw versus Hot Packing
  • Syrups/Canning Solutions
  • Recipes: Pickling, jams, salsa/chutney, sauces (you choose!)

Space Requirements:

  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Use of flame must be allowed
  • Access to water

Material Requirements:

  • Veggies and/or fruit from CSA
  • Tables and chairs
  • Tent/Covered area (if outdoors)
  • Helpful but not required: Burners or a stove, a canning pot, canning utensils, jars with new lids, a smaller pot for the canning solution, plates, napkins, cutting boards, serving trays (If you have any of these it makes travel much easier on the trainer!)

Other Logistics:

  • We need at least 2 weeks to schedule a workshop, but a month's notice is preferred
  • Workshops can accommodate up to 50 people, but 20 or fewer makes for a more hands-on experience.