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Photos by Dan Catinella

In January 2013, Just Food held the finals event of its first annual Great CSA Smackdown, a city-wide cooking competition for members of Just Food Network CSAs.

After hosting competitions to identify their most creative cooks, teams from Forest Hills CSA, Grand Street CSA, Greenwood Heights CSA, Sunset Park CSA, Washington Square CSA, and Yorkville CSA faced off in a culinary battle at St. Mark's Church using local ingredients from Garden of Eve Organic Farm on Long Island’s North Fork. Their dishes were judged by Jimmy Carbone (Restauranteur & Event Mastermind, Jimmy's No. 43 and Food Karma), Nazli Parvisi (Commissioner of the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit), and Louisa Shafia (Chef and Cookbook Author).

It was a close call, but Team Emo Eggplant (aka Dan Tainow and Caroline Maggi) from Grand Street CSA won with latkes two ways! Latke #1 was a potato, kohlrabi and carrot latke topped with apples sautéed in butter and honey. Latke #2 was a potato, bok choy, broccoli rabe and pecorino romano latke. They served both with a raw kale salad dressed in olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, Sriracha and pecorino romano. For more photos of the finals competition, head over to the Just Food blog.