Advanced courses provide depth and breadth to material covered in the core courses. Certificate students can enroll in advanced courses after completing the necessary core course requirements. 

Crop Production: Advanced crop planning for vegetable, fruit, flower, and herb production. Students will gain a deeper understanding of specific plant families, including crop science and growing needs. Students will develop crop plans. 

  • Prerequisites: Botany or equivalent
  • Strongly recommended: Crop Management or equivalent; Small Farm Planning and Design or equivalent
  • Pre-course readings will be assigned.

Advocacy: Students will walk away with an understanding of NYC, state, and federal policies and how they affect food access and food production in an urban setting. Students will develop skills in campaign building, community organizing and effective writing for and streamlining messaging around these issues.

  • Prerequisites: Food Justice or equivalent; working knowledge of local government

Animal Husbandry: In this course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of animal husbandry in NYC, including care and legality of keeping livestock in the city.  Specifically, students will focus on raising chickens, bees, and fish. 

  • Strongly recommended: Carpentry and Building Basics or equivalent; Small Farm Planning and Design or equivalent
  • Students will spend time visiting sites independently.

Teaching: Through practical application and classroom time, students will gain skills in lesson and curriculum planning for a wide range of children and youth. Participants will learn about existing garden and food justice education curriculae and how they can be integrated with public education state standards. This course is for teachers who want to learn about garden curriculae and for gardeners who want to learn how to teach children and youth. 

  • Prerequisites: Food Justice or equivalent
  • Strongly recommended: Training of Trainers or equivalent; prior experience gardening
  • Pre-course readings will be assigned.

Community Food Arts: In this advanced course, students will learn about processing food through canning, pickling, drying, fermenting, and freezing. Students will learn about food science, NYS health and food safety standards, and relevant licensing.  Students will develop their own market-ready value added products.

  • Prerequisites: Basic cooking skills
  • Pre-course readings will be assigned.

Enterprise: This course will build on the core course Small Farm Planning and Design. Students will learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of business planning, development and management of enterprises in a local food system.  Students will be prepared to identify opportunities and develop and implement sustainable models for local food production, processing and/or distribution for economic and/or social benefit. Students will gain skills in development of CSA, farmers markets, farm to school and farm to restaurant models and the regulations that accompany such trade.

  • Prerequisites: Small Farm Planning and Design or equivalent