Farm School NYC Alumni - Monique Hartl


Farm School NYC Alumni

Monique Hartl

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Although she may have spent her childhood summers on her family’s cow farm in Bavaria, Monique Hartl wanted to go to Farm School for her own reasons.  Her stint at a sustainability-focused multimedia startup was the impetus for a deeper interest in sustainability.  She saw that people’s caring about sustainability often starts with an interest in food, and food became her focus.  “I didn’t apply with the intention of becoming a full-time farmer,” she says.  “I really wanted to understand the food industry and food justice from the inside.  I wanted to know about access to food, and what had been happening within food marketing, since I had been doing marketing professionally.”  She happened on an article about the founding of Farm School and applied.  She feels lucky to have become a part of the Farm School community.


Monique has been a guest lecturer in Farm School’s Advocacy class, where she taught successful messaging.  When Just Food partnered with Bronx Green-Up, she taught a mini-course.   She also volunteers as a member of Farm School’s teaching committee.  Having apprenticed with Ecostation:NY for two years, Monique now serves on its Executive Board.  


Her primary concern now is increasing sustainability in urban areas and educating city dwellers about their food and where it comes from.  Recently, Monique consulting with Windowfarms.  She says, “The idea of [using] a green roof or an abandoned lot to grow food and to sustain the city puts all the pieces in place for me.  While we can grow our own and become a bit more self-sustaining, our work is really to get people to care about what they eat and where it comes from.”  Blending food justice and sustainability with her marketing expertise has been “wonderful.”  She is hoping to do this work full time - authentic marketing will help deliver the message.