Frequently Asked Question

Can I take individual courses next year? 
YES!  Take a look at our upcoming courses open to individual students.
Can Farm School NYC help with student visas?
No. Farm School NYC can not currently help with student visas.
Are Farm School NYC class credits transferable? Do Farm School NYC courses count toward continuing education credits?
No. Farm School NYC is currently not an accredited educational institution. 
Can I take classes if i'm not a New York City resident?
Yes, we do accept students that are not New York City residents. Farm School NYC's mission is to assist NYC communities, so selection priority is given to NYC residents and/or individuals who are working in or with NYC communities.
Can I take classes if I'm not a US citizen?
Yes. We do not ask about citizenship status from our students or applicants.
Can I take classes if I have no farming or gardening experience?
Yes. Farming experience is not a requirement and does not affect student selection.
Do you offer scholarships or tuition assistance?
Yes. We have a sliding scale tuition that includes subsidies at four levels. For more information, please click here
Where are classes held?
Farm School NYC classes are held in various locations throughout the 5 boroughs.  Some of our classes are held indoors at the Just Food office, the Manhattan Borough President's office, or other locations. Some of our classes are held in urban farms and community gardens throughout the city. We ask that our students be willing to travel. Farm School NYC's decentralized model allows students to learn from many great sites that there are many different ways to grow food in the city. For a list of past classroom sites, please click here.
Does Farm School NYC provide transportation to class sites?
No. Students are required to provide their own transportation to classes. Most classes can be reached via public transportation. Any field trips in locations that can not be reached via public transportation will have some transportation coordination arranged during the class. On occasion, courses will include a field trip that takes place outside of the city - in this case, buses are rented. 
When are the classes?
Please see click here for more details. 
Do you provide distance learning?
No. All of our classes require being physically present. 
Can I tour or visit the campus?
Farm School NYC uses the city's urban gardens and farms as its campus so there is no way to visit the school. Please consider visiting some our community garden and urban farm partners that have open hours. Click here for our list of classroom partners.
When are the applications due for the certificate program?
Applications for the Certificate program are not being accepted at this time.  To be notified when applications become available, please sign up for the Farm School NYC email list.

When does the certificate program begin?
The Certificate course year begins in December. 
Can my son/daughter attend classes? Or attend with me?
Farm School NYC is an adult educational program. All of our students are 18 years or older. If your son/daughter is 18 or over, please encourage them to apply individually. 
My spouse would also like to apply. Can we take classes together?
Student selection is competitive and done on an individual basis. We can not guarantee that you and your spouse will both be accepted into the program.
Is there job placement available after completing the certificate program?
We hope to help students with job placement in the future. Currently, we are a young program with a small staff and do not offer job placement.  However, participating in the program can be a great way to meet others who are working in the field.