What our students have to say about Farm School NYC:

File 2128"Because of Farm School NYC, my concept of what can be done agriculturally in an urban environment has grown way beyond my personal needs for a place to grow food. Social justice, community strength, and perpetuating access to good food for everyone is now part of my forward thinking and long term goals as an urban farmer."
~ Travis Frazelle, Farm School NYC Student



"In many ways, the Farm School NYC has become a centerpiece of the burgeoning urban agriculture movement in New York City. It is the only organization of its kind in this city, and its promise is enormous."
~ Melissa Cipollone, Farm School NYC Student. 



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"Farm School NYC is an amazing community that cares about our food system, and we are committed to growing in spirit and heart for our heartland that requires vital and natural resources in order to feed our local community and country."
~ Leonora Gerardi, Farm School NYC Student. 


"With each Farm School class helping me keep this lens clear I have been able to choose a path of service to my community. The school's structure truly facilitates building relationships and community, not just furthering each individual's goals. We need more models like this in the world."
~ Erin Kennedy, Farm School NYC Student.


"Most transformative of all, Farm School NYC has introduced me to a group of individuals who inspire and awe me. The Farm School NYC community—an ever-enlarging group of students, alumni, teachers, and founders—is a vibrant, diverse, impressive community of growers and food activists in New York City who are becoming national leaders."
~ Andrea Crawford, Farm School NYC Student. 

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"The courses have been a great opportunity to consolidate practical knowledge, get in contact with the latest thinking on land use, and meet experienced urban farmers that are changing the way we view food production, marketing, and distribution in urban areas."
~ Cynthia Mellon, Farm School NYC Student. 


"In helping me understand the food industry and the science behind sustainable Agriculture, Farm School has brought me close to my goal of feeding human beings with healthy food, and, hopefully, next year after I take all my advanced classes I will be ready to tackle this challenge…A path toward a new, clean world that will save life on our planet."
~ Francois Piebo, Farm School NYC Student.


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"Farm School provided me with this foundation and structure of information and knowledge that has given me confidence in a multitude of ways. It’s helped me realize my goals and develop a tangible plan to create them. Its brought me satisfaction of personal development and growth, as classes forced me to stretch and challenge myself it was sometimes uncomfortable, but Farm School has been a safe space for me to inch out of my comfort zone."
~ Allison Manning, Farm School NYC Student.


"Farm School can transform lives and provide true inspiration and enlightenment. Embracing its integral values of diversity and inclusion, it educates and advocates about the socio‐economic realities of all kinds of social injustices, including food and race."
~ Matthias Resch, Farm School NYC Student. 



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"In Farm School, I connected with the most amazing group of teachers, students, farmers, organizers, and activists. The interconnections of food, environmental, racial, economic, gender, and social justice fueled my already burning desire to make the world work in a fair way for all (2 legged, 4 legged, and everything else)."
~ Prita Lal, Farm School NYC Student.


"Accepting a position as a Certificate Student in Farm School NYC was life-changing for me. The program enabled me to literally and figuratively grow in many ways. It also was the impetus for my career transition into the sustainable food industry. It gave me the tools, knowledge and most importantly the confidence to apply and accept a dream job. It also introduced me to a wonderfully open-minded and supportive community - this was and still is invaluable. I learned so much from my fellow students and teachers. I am truly thankful for Farm School NYC - this wonderful opportunity helped me to become the person I've always wanted to be."
~ Jess Gaffney, Farm School NYC Student