Testimonials - Allison Manning

Testimonial - Allison Manning

I am happy to write on behalf of Just Food’s program, Farm School. I found the program about four years ago, and after life’s journey took me abroad, to culinary school, and back again, I began with the class of 2014. I found myself running a kitchen as head chef, and concurrently in Farm School; it was a beautiful synergy between food systems.

I came with my open heart, curiosity, and eagerness to learn about how to apply all this energy I had toward building a more sustainable future focused on food issues. I had this sweet fire in me, but I really didn’t know what to do with it, until I started Farm School.
Farm School provided me with this foundation and structure of information and knowledge that has given me confidence in a multitude of ways. It’s helped me realize my goals and develop a tangible plan to create them. Its brought me satisfaction of personal development and growth, as classes forced me to stretch and challenge myself- it was sometimes uncomfortable, but Farm School has been a safe space for me to inch out of my comfort zone.

Farm School curriculum, staff, and schoolmates have inspired me to inspire others and help be a part of the solution and deal with issues that are vital in bringing about change in the world. This program has to exist, because it needs to. Farm School is doing important work. Period. They are a source of education that flows in all directions influencing current and future leaders.