Testimonials - Leonora Gerardi

Testimonial - Leonora Gerardi, Farm School NYC Student

Simply and practically Farm School NYC has changed my life and that of many people whom I know and whom believe it is time to get back to the basics of home-grown-foods and lifestyles. Farming has been and hopefully will always continue to be the lifeline of this country. We as a country have pioneered a food system that has served us well. One that cannot be OVERLY processed or genetically modified because God gave us this fertile and fine land, that has been expertly cultivated, bringing forth sustainable organic harvests upon generations, which has feed and clothed this country’s and other country’s people for centuries. We have learned from these practice successes and failures.

Essentially, so valuable a trade and a legacy that one would believe it prophetically is deserving of our full attention, gratitude and funding in order to continue its needed natural work(s)…. We must continue to build upon our farming heritage because it is our cornerstone! Likewise to expand upon new and innovative farmers who care to strive to provide organic and companion farming to our lands and expand upon symbiotic relationships in order to insure that healthy vital farming (food) remains a staple in America and the NYC urban landscape. It can certainly help with those who live in poverty.

Certainly, Farm School NYC and all its student’s education and commitment to this mission is a win/win endeavor; One that I cherish and am committed to this program by generously investing a good deal of my time, money and energy to expand upon the Farm School mission. I am eager to learn this lost trade, to complete my certificate program with my fellow students/invaluable instructors, so that we/I can be given the tools and knowledge to be able to bring forth our FS gifts with the community at large.

Conclusively, Farm School NYC is an amazing community that cares about our food system, and we are committed to growing in spirit and heart for our heartland that requires vital and natural resources in order to feed our local community and country, this is why I truly hope to complete my Farm School NYC Certificate courses with them to ensure that I receive the tools to be given the opportunity to continue to learn and create a safe and an organic food system with my Farm School NYC ‘s valuable educational program that will continue the farming legacy of this country. Our economy is depending upon it. Thank you!