Testimonials - Matthias Resch

Testimonial - Matthias Resch, Farm School NYC Student

 Farm School NYC is a wonderful program that needs your help to continue its inspiring and empowering work. This current finance professional is convinced that Farm School provides the skills, tools, and networking opportunities it takes to change career in a meaningful way, connecting communities to their food and to each other, with a view on social, environmental and economic sustainability. Farm School offers invaluable hands‐on skills training, excellent resources for building connections, and an unrivaled expertise in the NYC urban farming landscape that comes from its embeddedness in local communities and the larger food justice movement. Farm School can transform lives and provide true inspiration and enlightenment. Embracing its integral values of diversity and inclusion, it educates and advocates about the socio‐economic realities of all kinds of social injustices, including food and race. Having joined Farm School to learn how to grow food, the program has turned out to be much more than what I had expected. It is more than the sum of its parts (individual courses) and a true inspiration to dig deeper into regenerative agriculture, social justice issues, agro‐technology and social entrepreneurship. It would be a very sad and untimely departure if Farm School had to close its doors, if the Farm School community couldn’t continue to grow in strength and numbers, if it couldn’t continue to inspire change, tolerance and collaboration, and if others were deprived of the manifold experiences this exceptional program has to offer.