Testimonials - Prita Lal

 Testimonal - Prita Lal

"As the child of immigrants from South Asia, born in NYC but raised in the American South, I had always felt like I was torn between multiple worlds and didn't really feel at home anywhere. After several years of doing social justice work with various nonprofits in NYC, organizing low-wage immigrant workers and low-income women of color while pursuing graduate studies in environmental sociology, I still felt a deep yearning that was not satisfied by the work I was doing. Although I knew I wanted to devote my life to justice for the Earth and all her creatures, I couldn't seem to find the right space to realize my justice aspirations. My political analysis was sharpened and I understood the necessity of creating another world through building just alternatives. Once I found out about NYC Farm School, I immediately applied and (without being hyperbolic), I finally found myself in Farm School. I never felt so alive as I had during the times I spent in my Farm School classes. It's like Farm School helped to awaken a part of me that had been dormant and that I didn't even know was there. In Farm School, I connected with the most amazing group of teachers, students, farmers, organizers, and activists. The interconnections of food, environmental, racial, economic, gender, and social justice fueled my already burning desire to make the world work in a fair way for all (2 legged, 4 legged, and everything else). During my time in Farm School, I helped organize an anti-racism training that meant a great deal because having an anti-racist lens in doing this work is so crucial to me. Because of Farm School, I have found my true calling, my true passion in life and have had the opportunity to connect with the most amazing and inspiring group of teachers, students, organizers, farmers, and activists. My husband, who is an Iraq war veteran, has also taken Farm School classes and we are currently working on building an ecologically and socially just sustainable enterprise integrating a farm with healing and social justice. I am forever grateful to Farm School and am committed to supporting Farm School in this period of transition."