Timeline for setting up a direct purchasing relationship
Setting up a direct purchasing relationship takes time.  For this reason, Just Food starts identifying organizations that are interested in establishing a relationship with a local farm in the late summer and fall for the following growing season.  During the winter we work with the organization and go through a matchmaking process to find an appropriate farm with which to set up a relationship that will work well for both the organization and the farmer.
Are you a farmer interested in selling your produce in NYC?  Visit Just Food's Farmer page to learn about Just Food's opportunities for farmers to sell their produce in New York City.
Are you an institution interested in setting up a direct purchasing arrangement with a local farm?  Please consider the following questions, which will help us determine what type of buying arrangement might be possible for your organization:
If you are a congregate meal site:
  • How many meals do you serve each week?
  • How many people do you serve per meal?
  • What types of fresh produce are you currently using in the meals you serve and in what quantities?

If you are a food pantry:
  • How many people do you serve per week and per distribution?
  • On which days do you distribute food pantry bags?
  • What types of fresh vegetables do you want to include in your food pantry bags?

For both congregate meal sites and food pantries:
  • How much flexibility do you have in terms of the types and quantities of vegetables you use each week?
  • How much money do you currently spend on fresh produce?
  • How much would you be willing to spend?
  • Are you able to pick up the vegetables from another location?  If not, what are the best days and times for vegetable deliveries?  How much flexibility do you have? 
  • Do you have adequate refrigeration and storage available for the fresh vegetables?

If your organization is interested in establishing a direct buying relationship with a local farm, please contact Sonya Kharas, the Fresh Food for All Program Coordinator at or by phone at 212-645-9880 ext. 227.