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What is Farm School NYC?

Our mission: Farm School NYC'S mission is to train NYC residents in urban agriculture, in order to build self-reliant communities and inspire positive local action around food access and social, economic, and racial justice issues.

Farm School NYC offers urban agriculture training through a certificate program as well as a wide range of individual courses. Our courses are taught by experts in the field and focus on a wide range of topics from social justice issues, to urban planting techniques, to grassroots community organizing. Through engaging, place-based education, Farm School classes cultivate future leaders in NYC's food justice movement.

What makes Farm School NYC unique?

Committed to grassroots social justice. Farm School NYC provides students with the tools they need to become effective and empowered grassroots leaders in the food justice movement. We do this by teaching effective community organizing and advocacy techniques as well as engaging in dialogues about larger social, economic, and racial, and justice issues.

Community-based approach. Farm School NYC was created by a vast network of urban farmers, community gardeners, and anti-hunger and food justice advocates in the city. The program is created and run by grassroots leaders who know NYC's unique communities and food issues best.

Accessible to all NYC residents. Farm School NYC aims to cultivate a student body representative of the incredible diversity of NYC. Our students come from a wide range of different backgrounds and life experiences and diversity is crucial to the success of our program. As part of our commitment to social justice and diversity, tuition is on a sliding scale based on income and household size. In addition, the time commitment and schedule of the program is designed to be accessible to students working full time jobs. As the school grows, we will continue to find ways to increase how can be accessible to more students. 

NYC is your classroom. Farm School NYC classes take place at a wide variety of city gardens, farms, and other unique classroom spaces in order to engage in city specific place-based education. 


How can I help Farm School NYC?

U.S.D.A. funding, which had supported a significant portion of Farm School NYC's budget, expired in 2013.  Just Food funded Farm School NYC almost entirely out of core funds in 2014 while we waited on notification of the next round of U.S.D.A. awards.  Unfortunately, due to increasing demand on limited resources, Farm School NYC did not receive a renewal of that award, which funded more than 90% of our budget for our first three years.  This as an opportunity to return to our grassroots beginnings, rethink our fundraising model and reconnect to our community.  Farm School NYC is committed to hold all 20 courses in 2015 despite the loss of those federal funds.  Help us reach our goal!


How do I take classes at Farm School NYC?

There are two ways to take classes at Farm School; through the Certificate in Urban Agriculture Program or through Individual Course Enrollment.  We are not accepting applications for the Certificate Program at this time, but visit the Certificate Program page for more information.  We will be announcing several Individual Courses for 2014 - 2015.


What will I learn?

Students will explore a multitude of different subjects related to urban agriculture, education, and food justice. Below are some of the main topics featured in our program but please see our Courses and Individual Course Enrollment pages for Farm School course offerings.

  • Urban agriculture growing techniques

  • Business planning and marketing skills

  • Community organizing and leadership skills

  • Food based education    

How do I apply?

To apply to take individual courses in 2014-2015, please complete the brief Farm School NYC Individual Course Application.  (If you applied for the certificate program in summer/fall of 2014, there is no need to reapply.)  We are not accepting applications for the Certificate Program at this time, but visit the Certificate Program page for more information.