Cool and Crisp

Summer is here! The air will be hot, the sun strong and days long – with ample opportunities to soak up all the summer sun and fun. This year, beat the heat with nature's very own array of refreshingly cool heat buster veggies and fruits. Delight in these light-to-digest, water-based vegetables and fruits that cool you down from the inside out. Not only are they deliciously cool but they will keep you well hydrated. So don’t sweat it – pile your plates high with our list of crisp and cool favorites, accompanied by an assortment of unique and creative recipes.


The much overlooked cucumber is a great summer food because of their water consistency along with their sweet and cooling properties. Often eaten raw, they are equally delicious tossed in a salad, diced into a stir-fry or used as the basis of a soup such as in this Cucumber Gazpacho.


This summer squash may rank last alphabetically but it ranks first amongst the summer squash for its versatility. Fried, baked or simply raw, you’ll not likely be disappointed with this squash all-star. Give them a try with this Sautéed Zucchini dish.

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Nothing says summer like watermelon! Watermelon is great on its own, with no embellishment but if you’re looking to stir things up, enjoy this delightful, easy to make beverage of Watermelon Lime Agua Fresca. It’s like summertime in a glass!


Most of us are familiar with the tiny blueberry – an antioxidant powerhouse that packs a mighty punch. Sprinkled over breakfast yogurt or atop a lunchtime salad, blueberries are good for anytime of the day! See for yourself with this dinnertime perfect recipe for Pork Chops with Savory Blueberry Sauce.

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Whichever way you slice ‘em, fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes are not only tasty but healthy as well. Juicy and tangy, tomatoes are the star of classic sauces and soups yet can be easily reimagined as with this flavorful Moroccan stuffed tomato recipe.

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Celebrate fresh cherries – the perfect balance of sweet, tart and juicy for snacking right out of hand. These ruby-red fruits are gems in and of themselves but for those who desire a slight departure from the ordinary, this Grilled Chicken and Fresh Cherry Salsa recipe should do the trick!
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