Just Food In The News!

The Chicken and the City (Spanish article)
07/15/2011 in El Mundo
City Chickens Needs Your Help Now to Build Three New Community Coops
06/21/2011 in Rachel Wharton

 Rachel Wharton draws attention to Just Food's Kickstarter page. In one year the fund has raised over $10,000 from 190 contributors. 

Backyard Chickens All the Rage in the Big Apple
06/20/2011 in CBN News

Watch the accompanying news story about urban chicken farming here.

Give a New Yorker a Chicken…
06/17/2011 in Laura Anderson

 Laura Anderson contributes to Mark Bittman's blog on the importance and effects of Just Food's City Chicken Project

Let's Eat In - Episode 74 - The City Chicken Project
06/13/2011 in Heritage Radio Network

 Download the broadcast by Cathy Erway as she sits with Owen Taylor, Just Food Organization, and Rev. Devanie Jackson, Brooklyn Rescue Mission and Bed-Stuy Farm, to discuss raising chickens...

Urban Chicken Provider Plucked Of Funding
06/08/2011 in Roger Clark

 Roger Clark shines a light on Just Food's City Chicken Project.

Chickens Come Home To Roost
12/04/2010 in Bed-Stuy Patch

With the help of Just Food, Carthan Market gets chickens.

Urban Agriculture: Shifting From Oasis to Food System Mainstream?
08/09/2010 in The Geraldine R. Dodge Blog Foundation

Just Food visits Taqwa Farms and discusses the major developments happening in the realm of Urban Agriculture.

Just Food's City Chicken Keepers on Heritage Radio Network's Hot Grease

Click here to listen to Nicole Taylor's interview with Owen Taylor, Greg Anderson, Deborah Edwards-Anderson, and "Big Red...

What The Cluck? Backyard Chicken-Keeping Booming in New York City
07/08/2010 in WNYC

To listen to this story, click here.