After the Storm


After the storm...

Through the adversity of the past week, we’ve been inspired by our fellow New Yorkers. The friendliness that outsiders say New Yorkers lack bubbled up as we walked across bridges together, stood together in crowded lines and buses, and shared rides with strangers. Generosity poured forth as New Yorkers who came through the storm relatively unscathed opened up their homes to friends and family; they donated their time, money and other resources to lighten the burden for others who were less fortunate. As the challenges continue, New Yorkers continue to give.

At Just Food, community is the cornerstone of our work. We help people connect not only with good food, but also with their farmers and their neighbors. There are so many examples of how these food projects build community and how that community, once built, has such capacity for good. One group that has inspired us this week is the Crown Heights CSA in Brooklyn. Wanting to celebrate the harvest together, the Crown Heights CSA had planned an end-of-season celebration for this past Sunday. The Core Group Members who organize the CSA transformed this celebration into a drive. Donations of food, batteries and clothing were collected, lending purpose and meaning to the celebration and demonstrating for all of us what a powerful force for good CSA groups can be.

There is so much value, so much potential for healing and making whole when communities come together. So from all of us at Just Food, that is our hope for you – that you have or are able to find communities to support you, to help shoulder your losses, that help channel your capacity to give, and that give you a way to feel a part of something greater so that we all come through this challenging time stronger, more connected, and better prepared to face whatever storms may lie ahead.

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