VISTA Stories: OCTOBER 2009


Rainy Day Farm Trips

By Miriam Goler, Fresh Food For All Associate at Just Food

Part of my job working on Fresh Food for All, Just Food's farm to food pantry program, is to organize farm trips so that food pantry staff, volunteers and clients can visit the farm where they are getting their produce, see the fields and meet their farmer.  We had spectacular weather for all of our trips this year...except for one.

It was raining when we left St. Albans in the morning, and it was still coming down when we arrived at the farm, Golden Earthworm in Jamesport, NY.  Feeling that because of the weather, this trip needed a little extra cheer, we had picked up a couple pies from Briermere Farm on our way.  Upon arriving, everyone went quickly to the barn (above), which had been beautifully set up for us to picnic out of the rain.  Despite the inviting lunch tables and the promise of pie, Horace Hall, a volunteer from St. Albans Baptist Church Food Pantry, was not content to relax in the barn.  He immediately found Matt and James, the farmers, and asked them "where are the two giant pigs?"  Upon receiving an answer, Mr. Hall went tromping off into the rain to go visit the pigs he had become friends with on the trip the year before.  His excitement was so contagious that he even got a train of followers to admire the pigs with him before we all sat down to lunch and strawberry rhubarb pie!