Just Food Celebrates Fifth Annual LET US EAT LOCAL

We are thrilled to partner with 40 of New York City's most acclaimed chefs and food artisans as we celebrate the delicious core of our work: uniting NYC residents with sensational seasonal food grown on local farms.

In honor of this fifth anniversary, we’d especially like to thank the handful of restaurants that have been with us since the beginning. We are so grateful for their continued participation and tremendous generosity! Mouse over or click a chef below to find out why they’ll be joining us at Let Us Eat Local, and we hope you’ll join us too!

Michael Anthony,
Gramercy Tavern
Jimmy Carbone,
Jimmy’s No. 43
Mary Cleaver, The
Cleaver Company
and The Green Table
Jacques Gautier,
Fort Reno and
Palo Santo
Join us!
Click here for more
information and
Liz Neumark,
Great Performances
Charlie Palmer,
Angel Ramos,
Executive Chef,
Candle 79 and
Candle Cafe West

Our sincere thanks to the following restaurants for their longtime support of Just Food:

Aureole  .  Da Silvano  .  Gramercy Tavern  .  Rose Water  .  Telepan  .  Candle 79
Great Perfomances  .  Jimmy's No 43  .  Angelica Kitchen  .  Palo Santo
The Green Table  .  Jean-Georges Management