Members Only Benefits

Welcome, Just Food member. You get extra special treatment from these Local Business Partners. We hope you'll enjoy!

P.S. This page is secret--please don't share with non-members!




  Brooklyn Roasting Company

  718-522-2664 | Online Only


  15% off coffee beans

  code: JF15


Brooklyn Slate

877-648-8333 | Online Only


20% off all items

code: JustFood1

  Bronx Chicks urban farm wear | Online Only


  15% off all items

  code: justfood

  Clawhammer Farm | Online Only


  10% off meat share

  code: justgoodmeat


Gowanus Furniture | Online Only


Under $100: Free cutting board wax & oil 
Over $100: 15% off

code: Email Pete before placing your order


  High Point Farms

  607-387-4950 | Online Only


   10% off prepaid plan

    code: jfood


  Just Food's Online Marketplace

  212-645-9880 | Online Only


  15% off all items

  code: JFMEMBER


Liddabit Sweets | Online Only


15% off online orders

code: JUSTCANDY2013


 Organic Avenue | Online Only


  10% off all items

  code: JustFood2013

 Sir Kensington's Gourmet Scooping Ketchup | Online Only

  15% off online orders

   code: JFmembersonlySirK


Winter Sun Farms | Online Only


   $15 off 5 month share

   code: JustFood


Do you know of a business that might be interested in joining our Membership Benefits Program? Let us know!