Getting Started with CSA in NYC

Share Size

The selection and amount of produce in a weekly share varies by season, by farm, and by CSA group. Shares are typically larger in August than in June. Some farms have great soil for onions; others have the perfect conditions for squash. Some communities like a lot of tomatoes while others want bok choi or yams.

Ideal Timeline for CSA Organizing Activities




Ongoing Activities Throughout most the year

Pre-season (September - November)

What a City Group Needs

 1. People to organize the CSA (The Core Group)- In order for the farmer to be able to concentrate on farming, the city group is responsible for everything that happens outside of the farm gates: member recruitment, coordinating a distribution site, setting distribution procedures, treasury, member records, community events, member education and food pantry connections. The city group also works with the farmer to set the share price and communicates regularly with the farmer. A Core Group of volunteers handles these tasks, and any others that arise.

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