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Certificate Program in Urban Agriculture 

In order to earn Farm School NYC's Certificate in Urban Agriculture, students must complete all core courses, four advanced courses, an apprenticeship, and 40 volunteer hours. To learn more about Farm School NYC's certificate program as well as our new Accelerated Certificate Program, check us out at 

Training of Trainers Registration

 Registration for the Farm School NYC Training of Trainers Course is Open!

Registration for this course can be completed through the Eventbrite website here.

Apprenticeship Site - Edenworks

 Name of apprenticeship site: 


Location of apprenticeship site: 

234 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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Testimonials - Prita Lal

 Testimonal - Prita Lal

"As the child of immigrants from South Asia, born in NYC but raised in the American South, I had always felt like I was torn between multiple worlds and didn't really feel at home anywhere. After several years of doing social justice work with various nonprofits in NYC, organizing low-wage immigrant workers and low-income women of color while pursuing graduate studies in environmental sociology, I still felt a deep yearning that was not satisfied by the work I was doing.

Testimonials - Matthias Resch

Testimonial - Matthias Resch, Farm School NYC Student

 Farm School NYC is a wonderful program that needs your help to continue its inspiring and empowering work. This current finance professional is convinced that Farm School provides the skills, tools, and networking opportunities it takes to change career in a meaningful way, connecting communities to their food and to each other, with a view on social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Testimonials - Allison Manning

Testimonial - Allison Manning

I am happy to write on behalf of Just Food’s program, Farm School. I found the program about four years ago, and after life’s journey took me abroad, to culinary school, and back again, I began with the class of 2014. I found myself running a kitchen as head chef, and concurrently in Farm School; it was a beautiful synergy between food systems.

Testimonials - Francois Piebo

 Testimonial - Francois Piebo, Farm School NYC Student

What I learned thanks to Farm School.
Between that June 1997’s day, two days exactly after I arrived in the USA, when for the first time I ate a completely tasteless mango a friend of mine and I bought from a local supermarket in Corona, Queens-New York, where I “landed”, between that day and now it’s been 17 years.

Testimonials - Cynthia Mellon

 Testimonial - Cynthia Mellon, Farm School NYC Student

I live and work in Newark, New Jersey in a very environmentally polluted neighborhood. I work for a local community organization, organizing and educating with community members to confront both the legacy pollution and the current polluting industry practices that affect our health and wellbeing. In 2009, community members asked me to help them learn to garden, leading to the founding of the first community garden in Newark's East Ward.

Testimonials - Erin Kennedy

Testimonial - Erin Kennedy, Farm School NYC Student

Farm School has been giving me an education I can't imagine finding anywhere else, and it's about a lot more than farming. Since my first class with Farm School three years ago I have established my career as a grower, thanks to the skills and knowledge cultivated by an incredible community of teachers and learners. I have also been challenged to stay critical of my role in society and my participation, active or passive, in the systems that structure life for all of us.

Testimonials - Melissa Cipollone

 Testimonial - Melissa Cipollone, Farm School NYC Student

I am a current student in Farm School NYC’s certificate program. I joined the program because I aspire to start a small farm that is socially, financially, and ecologically sustainable. I aim to grow nourishing food that is accessible to some of the most vulnerable populations, including children, people who are incarcerated, people dealing with physical and mental health issues, and people living in poverty. I also aspire to teach farming to people of all ages and experience levels.

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