Creating a Membership Agreement Form

Member sign up is the easiest time to give members detailed information regarding what they are agreeing to and to gather the information that you will need to keep track of your CSA members and their payments. Below is some of the information that you will need to include on the form.

Information to Give to Members:

  • When and where distribution will be held.
  • How many weeks you will be picking up vegetables
  • Cost and payment plans available
  • Explanation of sharing risk/ no guarantee of amount of produce delivered
  • Volunteer requirement
  • Share and additional product options

Information to Collect from Members:

  • Member Name: Be sure to get the names of all of the people who are sharing or splitting a share. That way if one person drops out or doesn’t join the following year you will be able to contact the other share partners.
  • Contact Information: This could be email, phone number, and/or mailing address. It is recommended that you get at least two different contacts for each member. As stated above, remember to collect contact information for everyone on a share.
  • Share Information: In the members signing up for a full share or a half share? Are they getting just vegetables or additional products as well?
  • Cost and Payment Plans: Record the total amount that the member owes to the farm in addition to any administrative fee that the CSA is charging. Also allow the member to indicate whether they will be taking advantage of any flexible payment options that are offered. This can include the dates that they will be paying their installments.
  • Whether they would like to become more involved and join the core group.
  • Whether they would like to be included on Just Food’s mailing list to receive additional information on CSA and other food/agriculture event happening in New York City.


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