Supplies for Distribution

The supplies that you will need each week will vary with your distribution site setting and the farm. For example, whether you need a scale or not will depend on whether your farm distributes some items by weight or only by item or bunch.

Possible Supplies
1. For Set Up:
A.    Volunteer procedures or guidelines
B.    Tables and chairs- for produce, sign in and information
C.    Hand truck or cart
D.    Signage or banner with your CSAs name
E.    Tent

2. For Distribution:
F.    Dry erase board or chalk board for share list and announcements
G.    Pens, markers, chalk
H.    Scale
I.    Swap box
J.    Cooler (if distributing meat or dairy)
K.    Newsletters
L.    Sign in sheet
M.    Volunteer sign up and reminders
N.    Extra CSA brochures or flyers
O.    Waiting list sign up sheet
P.    Signs or flyers for special events
Q.    Emergency phone numbers- core members, farmer, driver

3. If Collecting Money at Distribution:

R.    Cash box
S.     Food stamp vouchers
T.    Receipts

4. For Clean Up:
U.    Cleaning supplies such as broom, dust pan, paper towels, spray cleaner, etc.

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