What is the Urban Agriculture & Markets Program?

Just Food's Urban Agriculture and Markets Program trains, connects, and empowers New York City community gardeners to spread knowledge about growing, selling, and giving more food in their neighborhoods.

Our goal is to grow and distribute more food in New York City neighborhoods.

We do this through:

How does urban agriculture create a just food system?

  • Gardeners teach gardeners.
  • Neighbors feed neighbors.
  • People grow what they eat, and eat what they grow.
  • Communities learn where food comes from.
  • Communities take control of where their food comes from.
  • NYC residents connect to farmers outside the city.
  • Creates jobs.
  • Saves money. 


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Our Model: Training of Trainers

We recognize that many community gardeners and urban farmers in NYC know how to grow food and how to build strong communities. The Training of Trainers is a course for skilled farmers, gardeners and organizers to better share what they know through workshops where everyone learns from you and from each other; where people get their hands dirty; and where they feel a part of a growing community of city farmers.

Video by Jesus Villalba in collaboration with Just Food. Additional support from Live Real & The Food Project. Music provided by freeplaymusic.com