Market Volunteer Opportunities

How can I start a market?

Starting a farmers market is a lot of work and a lot of fun! To start a market, you must have a committed group to run the market and support from your community. Having urban gardeners interested in selling their produce is encouraged!

To support groups that meet these three goals to move their dream of starting a community-run farmers market to reality, Just Food has developed a Market Training Program. Each year we train interested groups from community gardens, public schools, senior centers and/or public housing how to start, manage and grow farmers markets in their neighborhoods.

The right time to start planning your farmers' market is usually the year before. Visit a few markets in our network and talk with the market managers. Get your market group together and survey the community about their desire for a neighborhood market. Just Food's Training Program Application is available each October/November, and selected market groups will be trained in December/Januaryeach year.

To apply for the Market Training, which will be held in the fall of 2017, or to learn more, contact

What if I don't want to run a farmers market?

Just Food's market network is unique as all the farmers' markets are started and run by community members, provide urban grown produce, and serve low-income communities. What if you want a farmers market in your neighborhood, but don't want to invest the time and resources into running the market yourself? There are other market groups in the city that are centrally-managed rather than community-run and may be able to bring one of their markets to your neighborhood!